The Midnight Sun Cyber Security Conference focuses on solutions rather than problems only and gives insites, examples and contacts with inspirational examples from the policy and governance level to the craft of keeping your information safe.

Location date and time: Stockholm City - 2021-08-27 - 09.00 -- 16.00

Policy level - EU Commission Cybersecurity Strategy and implementation in Sweden (“Anneli Hagdahl, SE MoD”)

Governance level - From metalworks to IT company, successful introduction of governance model at Kockums (“Kockums ICT”)

Policy level - Towards an EU common Cybersecurity Masters degree (“NNNNNN MMMMMM, KTH”)

Governance level - Governance to support the Government (..... ……, Skatteverket)

Policy level - Fighting competence limitations - Training Cyber soldiers, a joint venture (.... . …., FM, ….. ….., KTH)

Tech level - Software supply chain - Making Free in FOSS mean malware free (Ingela Persson, Saab)

Tech level - How shard encryption with public metadata allows cloud storage of GDPR data (hopefull) (NNNNN NNNN, KTH)

Summary session: we are in the shit - but look at the others! The legacy of Ericsson, IoT etc.

During the conference, the Midnight Sun CTF finals will take place, with world leading teams on location. Commentaries, walk-throughs and try-it-yourself will be provided.

Registration instructions to come shortly