Students - The future of IT security

The IT industry is suffering from a severe lack of skilled people. The security sector is probably one of the worst affected parts of it. Everyday more and more systems are brought online and the demand for digital goods and services increase faster than we can keep up with. We also connect more and more critical infrastructure and sensitive services to the internet. The shortage on IT security skills could become a real problem in the future and some say it already is.

With this in mind, Midnight Sun have chosen to focus part of the competition on students. The goal is to spread awareness, motivate and interest students and in the long run create an environment where more people choose to venture into the great world of IT security equipped with the proper tools to do so and contribute to stability and resillience of our systems on both personal and societal level.

Register your team today!

If you are a student or group of students from one of the Baltic Sea EU countries (SE, FI, EE, LT, LV, PL, DE, DK), we want you to gather your team and sign up for Midnight Sun CTF.

The competition is a fun way to test and develop your skills within IT security and there are both easier and more difficult challenges from a broad range of topics so everyone should be able to both find something fitting their interests but also discover something new, the qualifiers runs for 24 hours. The seven best teams from the student category are invited to the on-site finals in Stockholm, Sweden. To read more about the rules and limits on team composition, visit the competition page.